TAYLS Single Release with Phangs, Keeps, and Manrelic

Even if you don’t recognize the name TAYLS, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Taylor Cole perform live. He was the frontman of now-defunct psych-prog outfit CHALAXY, he plays drums in 2017 Road to Roo winners Creature Comfort,  and he’s been in cover shows around town.

His new solo project, TYALS, sees Cole mixing CHALAXY’s space rock with Stoned & Dethroned-era Jesus and Mary Chain, and the result sounds like the soundtrack to one of Ken Kesey’s Acid Tests (if the Acid Test were held in a farm in the middle of Ohio, that is). Catch Cole debut his new single, “Fist Fight,” May 26 at the Basement East with Phangs and past features KEEPS and Manrelic.

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