Video Premiere: Katie Pruitt’s “Ordinary”

Katie Pruitt’s OurVinyl session takes place in a church-turned-studio where things feel sort of like a playhouse: the award-winning singer-songwriter and her band are backlit by panels of faux stained glass, and a dusty spotlight from overhead casts shadows on hanging banjos and a prop street light. Pruitt’s robust, clear voice belts out over echoing guitar riffs while her sneakers pat on the oriental rugs beneath her. The scene feels nothing short of spiritual.

In her newest single, “Ordinary,” Pruitt shares a distaste for the mundanity of modern life and laments that she may just be “Another silhouette / A face behind a cigarette / Who hasn’t found their purpose yet / In this cruel world.” Underscored by her expert picking and a steady, folk-pop beat, the single brings the listener to a somber and ironic realization: what makes us feel like we don’t fit in is exactly what makes us the same.

“Ordinary” asks out loud what most us wonder as we grow older: will I ever become someone extraordinary? And while it may be hard to admit that we are just ordinary right now, Pruitt reminds us to take the pressure off and let ourselves just be—to enjoy the music, to take a deep breath, and to try again tomorrow. We can’t wait to see what her tomorrow looks like.

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