6/2: Alanna Royale at Musician’s Corner

We get it: you’re probably taking it easy this weekend in anticipation of Bonnaroo and CMA (a.k.a Traffic-pocalypse) next weekend. If you are going out this weekend—or if you’re just trying to work on your dance moves—we highly recommend checking out Alanna Royale this weekend at Musician’s Corner. Since she graced our cover (alongside one of our other local favs, Chancellor Warhol), Royale has fine-tuned her soul-dance extravaganza even more, and if you ask us, a Saturday afternoon spent shakin’ is a Saturday well spent. Plus, the show will give you a chance to work on all those dance moves you’re thinking of trying out at the farm.

Read our 2013 story Royale here, and get more info on the MC show here.

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