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We Could be Heroes

After giving Nashville Musica and Athena Parthenos, sculptor Alan LeQuire is honoring Tennessee suffragists with his newest work, Tennessee Woman Suffrage Monument.


Hog Wild

Pat Martin builds a mecca to West Tennessee barbecue in the heart of downtown Nashville.


Not Her First Time

Kelsey Waldon on growing up in a hunting lodge, classic country, and recording her new album, I’ve Got a Way


Poppin’ Off

Singer-songwriter CAPPA predicts Nashville will soon be a pop destination, and if her recent success is any indication, she might be right.


Out of My Head

Andrew Leahey discusses journalism, brain surgery, and his new record, Skyline in Central Time


The Path to Jocephus

Joseph Hudson, AKA Jocephus Brody, wants to show you the way to enlightenment through dropkicks and Kierkegaard


Everything In Its Right Place

After years of working with The Patterson House, Pinewood Social, and The Catbird Seat, Chef Josh Habiger is finally manning his own ship at Bastion


Beyond Illness

LITERATURE SPOTLIGHT: Curb Center Expressive Writing Workshops


The New Death Gospel

John Christian Phifer is helping the Nashville community live more purposeful, fulfilling lives by changing our relationship with death

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