Native Premiere: Whissell’s “One Wish”

Like most good holiday songs, Whissell’s “One Wish” ushers in the season with classic mid-century sounds: a doo-wop drum beat, a soulful, inviting vocal, the Pavlovian sound of jingle bells. Following her new self-titled EP earlier this fall, the song blends Whissell’s rock steady brand of Southern alt-pop with sugarplum-sweet nods to snow and mistletoe.

“The song truly felt like it wrote itself,” Lauren Whistle, a.k.a. Whissell, shares about co-penning the Christmas song. “All of us were on the same page with how much we loved the old, soulful Christmas albums, so we tried to keep a fun, throwback vibe throughout the song.”

Check out the song below, or hear it live when Whissell performs at our Gift Guide and Issue 66 Launch Party this Saturday.

Photo Credit: Crystal Martel

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