New Single: Mountains Like Wax’s “Messed Up Your Hair”

By now, we’ve grown to expect great things from Mountains Like Wax. Since 2015’s Tertralogy EP, The Southern post-rock duo has reliably combined deep contemplations on identity and self with a pristine, delay-laden indie sound. And their new single, “Messed Up Your Hair,” is no exception. Over jangling dream state guitars, vocalist Mitchell Taylor sings, “I’m weighing in / I’m wearing thin but I wear it well / can’t you tell?” It’s a reflection on dangerous complacency—those moments when we know we need change but aren’t willing to make it. And unfortunately, it’s this sort of  desperate, somber, and almost tangibly frustrated anthem we can all relate to sometimes.

Check out “Messed Up Your Hair” everywhere now, and look for more singles from Mountains Like Wax to come in the following weeks.

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