1/31: NATIVE Show and Tell

Join NATIVE and oneC1TYfor the return of Show and Tell, a monthly speaking series that features some of Nashville’s finest creatives. The event will take place tonight at 6 p.m. at Sump Coffee and will feature  conversation, food, drink, and inspiration with Lucy Negro Redux author Caroline Randall Williams, Third Man Books’ Chet Weise, and artist manager Noelle Panepento. We’ll be talking about Lucy,  which is out now as book via Third Man Books and will premiere at the Nashville Ballet (in ballet form) on February 8. Learn more about Lucy in our Issue 79 cover story, and come to Sump ready to discuss Shakespeare, ballet, and poetry!

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Chelsea Kaiah James

Why aren't there any ears sculpted onto the presidents of Mt. Rushmore? Because American doesn't know how to listen. - Unkown