10/6: Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival at Centennial Park

To quote past cover feature Daniel Pujol, “I don’t want wanna confuse my world / for the whole world.” We feel the same, especially in this day and age, where . . . actually, we’re just going to assume you haven’t been living under a rock. You know what some people are trying to do other people who don’t look or talk like them.

That’s why an event like Celebrate Nashville’s Cultural Festival is important now more than ever. For the 23rd year, the Nashville Metro Parks event will showcase the stories, song, dance, and food (did we mention food??) of more than 50 local cultures.

This fall’s festival is this Saturday, October 6th, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and we encourage you to come check it out and learn something. Whether you’re looking to expand your cultural horizons, explore new foods with friends, or just enjoy a day in the park meeting new people, Celebrate Nashville Cultural Center will make sure you leave with a full stomach, a better understanding, and thousands of new friends.

Find out more about the festival here.

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