2/23: Southern Grist Three-Year Celebration

Southern Grist is celebrating three years of cheers and beers this Saturday from 12-4 p.m., and they’ve prepared a party to mark the occasion. Since their founding, Southern Grist has become a staple in the local craft beer community through their use of unorthodox ingredients like cereal marshmallows, pineapple puree, and more, and they’ll be offering some of those delightfully weird options (plus over fifty guest taps from around the country) this weekend.

And is it even a party even a party without a food truck? What about five food trucks, including That Awesome Taco Truck and Funk Seoul Brother? Yep, they’re going to have that, plus a Barista Parlor coffee station on site in case the SGB’s Coffee Copra Kai isn’t giving you the caffeine buzz you need. And don’t worry about driving to the celebration either, because Southern Grist has partnered with Lyft to give you 20% off two rides when you use the code SGB3YEAR (Okay SGB, now you’re just showing off). Read more about Southern Grist in our feature from this month’s issue here, and find out more about this weekend’s event here!

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