2/28: Show and Tell

Join NATIVE and oneC1TY for the return of Show and Tell, a monthly speaking series that features some of Nashville’s finest creatives. The event will take place tonight at Sump Coffee and will feature conversation, food, drink, and inspiration with the folks featured in NATIVE’s pages. This month, we’re sitting down with business manager Cara Jackson, Filmmakers Dycee Wildman and Jennifer Bonior of Daisy Duke’s, writer Loie Rawding, and Tinsley Anne Dempsey (curator of OFF the WALL: Charlotte Ave). We’re also going to have food and drink from Sump and Avo. So come out tonight at 6 p.m. for a full stomach and even fuller conversation! More info here. To RSVP click here.

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Chelsea Kaiah James

Why aren't there any ears sculpted onto the presidents of Mt. Rushmore? Because American doesn't know how to listen. - Unkown