5/2: Halloween in May

It’s Halloween in May, presented by the fine folks over at JoCo Shows.┬áNext Wednesday at the Mercy Lounge, past feature Manrelic will release a new single, joined by Nordista Freeze, Rocky Block, and photographer (and NATIVE contributor) Marcus Maddox. Quiet Entertainer will be the special guest DJ.

When we met Manrelic back in December of 2015, he spoke about his love of Pad Thai and Chelsea Peretti. We doubt those have changed. But considering his biggest influences, Prince and Bowie,┬ámusical risk-taking is to be expected, so we can’t wait to hear the newest single.

Now,this is a Halloween party, so you better come in costume. In fact, there’s going to be prizes for the best get-up. Tickets for the event are online.

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