6/21: Comrades in Song: A Tribute to East Nashville Community Spirit

Hosted by Whiskey Wolves of the West, Comrades in Song is a tribute to the community and artistic spirit that’s made East Nashville one of the greatest parts of our city. The event will kick off this Friday, June 20, with a mixer and informal hang at 6:30 p.m., followed by performances by Carl Anderson, Reuben Bidez, Kirby Brown, Creamer, JP Harris, Jon Latham, Nikki Lane, Ruby Boots, and many more. Plus, they’re paying tribute to folks like Brent Cobb, Andrew Combs, Erin Rae, Margo Price. Can’t lose there!

Show your favorite hometown heroes some support and buy your tickets here. Revisit our cover story on Price here, and read our You Oughta Know with Erin Rae here.

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