6/8: NATIVE Presents: Musician’s Corner

“It just seemed like a lot of trouble this year.”

“I think I’m just getting too old for it.”

“I wasn’t feeling the lineup this year.”

We get it, you’re not going to Bonnaroo this year. We’ve been there, and we totally understand. Sometimes the stars don’t align, sometimes that Artist Pass fell through, and sometimes you just don’t feel like it.

That’s why we’re presenting the Musicians Corner lineup this Saturday at Centennial Park. Come out to see past features The Weeks and Tristen, plus performances by The Aquaducks and Lasso Spells. As always, there’s great music on Friday and Thursday, too, and as always, it’s free, family friendly, and full of food trucks. Bonna-who?

Get more info here, and read our story on The Weeks here and Tristen here.

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