8/18: Sad Baxter’s So Happy EP Celebration Show with Nordista Freeze & Bleary

You may not expect an EP titled So Happy from a band like Sad Baxter, but the thought of seeing them this Saturday at the High Watt does, in fact, make us so happy. But if it doesn’t make you happy, that’s cool too.

The band boasts that their forthcoming EP is “a collection of sonic contradictions,” which we think is a fitting descriptor for Sad Bax’s mix of joyful, upbeat pop-punk rebellion and lyrics about the complexities of life and death, depression, self-doubt, and other great icebreaker topics. So, even though the release show won’t be your party, you can certainly still cry if you want to!

So go to The High Watt this Saturday at 9 p.m. and mosh next to all your Doc Marten-wearing, colorful-haired friends. Do it happy, do it sad—just do it.

Local favorites Nordista Freeze & Bleary are also on the bill, and you can get more info here here. Warning: event is BYOT (bring your own tissues).

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