8/31: FMRL: An Evening with Tashi Dorji & Wu Fei at Fond Object

Ever heard someone play a guzheng? Know what a guzheng is?  It’s a Chinese stringed instrument that dates back roughly twenty-five hundred years. Ever heard it played alongside some of the best impov guitar around? 

If you haven’t (we’re going to venture to say that’s the case), then you should come to Fond Object on Saturday night to catch past feature Wu Fei perform alongside mind-blowing guitarist Tashi Dorji. The show, which is being hosted by art collective FMRL, will begin with solo sets from each artist, followed by an improv set as a duo. It’s truly the best of both worlds—and then some.

Get all the info here, and revisit our 2016 cover story on We Fei here.

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