NATIVE Premiere: Black Holler Original Soundtrack

Some movies are defined my their soundtracks. We believe that Black Holler, a comedy-horror directed by Jason Berg, will become one of those movies. The film takes place in 1989, when eleven college students head to Black Holler Woods (bad idea) to compete for a scholarship. Eventually, they realize they’re competing for their lives. Watch the trailer here.

The soundtrack, produced by Bruce Ervin, is a perfect musical lampooning of ’80s films, horror films, and ’80s horror films. With songs like “We Came to Party” and “New Girl in Town,” Ervin channels the hairspray-soaked sound of glam rockers like Quiet Riot and Ratt, accompanied by lines like “Light some shit on fire / play some rock n roll.” And in “Pool Party Jam,” Ervin depends on the classic sing-about-what’s-happening method of storytelling: “Everyone’s invited to the pool party / it’s a cool party at the pool party.”

But it’s still a horror film, which means there needs to be an ill-timed sex scene with appropriate music. And trust us, Ervin delivers with our personal favorite track, “Crying During Sax.” On other songs like “Stopping by the Woods on a Bloody Evening” and  “Creepee Teepee,” Ervin produces believably scary songs heavy with organs and synths that are reminiscent of the arpeggiated sounds we’ve been reintroduced to in Stranger Things.

If you want a copy of the CD for yourself, head to the Full Moon Cineplex tonight at 7:00 p.m. for a movie screening and DVD/soundtrack release. Tickets are only $5, and if you get there early, you’ll be able to leave with one of the limited-edition DVDs and soundtrack CDs.

More details on the film and premiere event are available on the event page.