6/22: NATIVE Presents: Musicians Corner

We’ve told ya before and we’ll tell ya again: we love us some Musicians Corner. Come on, what’s not to love? Free music in Centennial Park, all summer, every summer, and there are tons of local vendors and food trucks at every show. We had a blast catching the Nashville Symphony at the last MC, but this week’s edition is a little more near and dear to our hearts because we’reĀ presentingĀ the lineup, which is appropriately full of artists that should be familiar to NATIVE readers. We’ve got past cover story Soccer Mommy, Bantug, Daisha McBride, and current You Oughta Know feature Briston Maroney. Also on the bill: local favs Idle Bloom, Sophia Boro, Dream Wave, Sister Kit, and Plevyak. Get all the info here. Music starts at noon, come hang with us!

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Chelsea Kaiah James

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