Wework Show and Tell RSVP

We’re baaaaack. Our second installment of Show and Tell is this Thursday, and we’re thrilled about the guests that are joining us. Show and Tell is a NATIVE and WeWork panel that brings together some of Nashville’s most intriguing creatives for a night of drinks, food, and conversation. Think of it as our version of a nineteenth-century Paris Salon—but with fewer corsets and more Wi-Fi.

Marcia Masulla from Nashville Fashion Week will join us, as well as Joshua Ellis, the co-founder of WithCo Cocktails, plus Bnyad Sharif and Leah Hashinger of TIRRC (Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition) Nashville, Nashville artist Tess Erlenborn, and Lisa Goe of Popoff Nashville will be joining us.

This Thursday’s Show and Tell is taking place at WeWork One Nashville Place on 4th Avenue North. We are keeping this small so that connecting and dialogue are easier, so be sure to RSVP and grab your spot.

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