Against the Grain

Tyler Hildebrand’s art isn’t always pretty, but neither is the world he comes from

The Metamorphosis

Charcoal and graphite artist Stephen Watkins on speaking through silence

It’s a Tennessee Thang

Last year, Isabel Simpson-Kirsch made waves with her Lil B inspired fashion line. Now, she’s keeping it Based with Ten-A-Key, a collection influenced by hip-hop from her home state

A Harrowing History

Ashley Doggett’s talent has gained international attention, and now her hometown is taking notice

We Could be Heroes

After giving Nashville Musica and Athena Parthenos, sculptor Alan LeQuire is honoring Tennessee suffragists with his newest work, Tennessee Woman Suffrage Monument.

Art is a Place

Thaxton Abshalom Waters discusses the past, present, and future of art and life in North Nashville

Beyond Illness

LITERATURE SPOTLIGHT: Curb Center Expressive Writing Workshops

The Dance Is In The Details

As a teenager, Banning Bouldin left Nashville when she was unable to find anywhere to study the dance she loved. Now, with her company New Dialect, she's making Nashville a destination for contemporary dance.