The Metamorphosis

Charcoal and graphite artist Stephen Watkins on speaking through silence

Just Say No

Foreign Fields spent the better part of seven years trying to be the successful band of their childhood dreams, but when sudden mental health issues put that pursuit in a new perspective, they found their way to a different path—one that’s taking them where they really want to go

Not Her First Time

Kelsey Waldon on growing up in a hunting lodge, classic country, and recording her new album, I’ve Got a Way

Poppin’ Off

Singer-songwriter CAPPA predicts Nashville will soon be a pop destination, and if her recent success is any indication, she might be right.

The Kids Are Alright

Since forming Cardboard Kids in 2013, Jake Germany, Austin Cunningham, and Brandon McFarlin have delivered their modern Texas rock 'n' roll to a national audience. Now based in Nashville and working on a new album, they're ready to make their mark again

Just Kidding (But Not Really)

With their new album, Wake Up Laughing, Music Band has become a band you have to take seriously—even if they don't always take themselves very seriously

Love and Pop

The members of *repeat repeat talk about road life, new beginnings, and being a family business

The Brothers Chrome

In this article we talk to Nashville-based Chrome Pony.

Vacation Days

Terry Price, the creative force behind Photo Ops, discusses loss, illness, and coming of age

Nature Versus Nurture

Do you inherit songwriting? Is it passed down like a dominant gene, or is it learned from the environment of your upbringing? Either way, Lilly Hiatt, daughter of performing great and American icon Jon Hiatt, didn't stand a chance.