Secondhand Sorcery

A look inside the beautifully cheesy world of Crappy Magic

Paint By Numbers (And Fractals)

Artist Emily Sue Laird is bringing the future to Nashville one UV-reactive, fractal-inspired piece at a time

Just The Facts, Ma’am

Local artist Paul Collins talks about the intersection of art and reporting ahead of his upcoming exhibit at Zeitgeist Gallery

“Arts N Motion” + NATIVE

NATIVE has partnered with the Metro Transit Authority team as part of the “Arts N Motion” campaign, providing a novel platform for local creatives to share their work.

Wide Awake

After two decades of creating sublimely abstract, postmodern portraiture, Julia Martin is only now finding her voice

Working It Out

An interview with local artist Marlos E’van

Things Fall Apart

Inside the controlled chaos of artist Amelia Briggs

This Woman’s Work

Artist Vadis Turner discusses homecoming and the work behind her new Frist show

No Excuses

Those Darlins’ Linwood Regensburg interviews his former bandmate Jessi Zazu ahead of her upcoming art exhibit in Wedgewood-Houston